Winding Road

Winding Road

3.5×4.5″ pastel, © 2011 Takeyce Walter

I’ve been trying to balance life to find more time in the studio. It’s been a challenge getting into the right groove. Yesterday was a good day – I got a couple little pastels in during nap time!

This is one of them – my version of Carol Marine’s submission for the DPW Weekly Challenge – The German Landscape. I really liked the strong light in the photo, and I think I captured it pretty well here. I may try the other later today during nap time. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Winding Road

  1. Ah! The old buggaboo, where life gets in the way of life. Of course, in your case it is very literally so! I sat my grand child for the first years of his life and it does take a while to adjust, but it can be done. I’m so glad you found a way, because I enjoy looking at your work. Now if I could only find a way myself, to share more!

  2. Thanks, Leslie. I’ve also found that if I set up the 18 month old with her paints, we can paint together while the 2 month old naps!!

    Hope you can find some time as well.

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