Prospect View

“Prospect View” (Lake George) 12×6.5″ | Pastel on Uart 600

SOLD – Private collection in Concord, CA

This was my pastel demo for my “From Concept to Canvas” workshop at Saratoga Arts. It captures a large maple tree, and Lake George off in the distance on a warm Autumn day. For this piece, I used a new pastel surface for the first time and wanted to talk about that experience a bit.

I used Uart 600 grit pastel paper that comes pre-mounted to a rigid board. Right away, I loved the weight of the board, and the feel of the sanded surface.

After lightly establishing my major shapes with a pastel pencil, I chose to do an under-painting with NuPastel and water. I used the complementary colors for each area — orange for the sky, red for the trees, etc.

The paper took the wet pastel under-painting very well, and had some interesting drippy textures.
Once the under-painting was dry, I was ready to apply pigment. I typically start off with my hardest of the soft pastels, then work my way up to the softest for the final marks.

I found that I had to change the way I applied the pastel because the tooth of the paper was very textured and bumpy. It made for an effect that I was not too certain about in the beginning. Then I started to build the layers, and that’s when the magic happened! I absolutely loved the effect of blending colors on the paper.

Overall, I am extremely please with Uart and I’ve already ordered a couple more sheets. I really love the texture, and the fact that I can build lot and lots of layers, as well as use different wet mediums for an under painting.

Until next time…