By the Shoreline

By the Shoreline
2/28/14 | By the Shoreline | 4×4″ | Pastel
Matted and Framed
$200 + $15 S/H
Contact me for purchasing details.

Below is a collage of all the pastels (and 1 graphite sketch) I completed this month! They are in order starting with the first in the upper left, and ending with today’s piece in the lower right. It’s been overall a very rewarding experience for me. I am a bit bleary-eyed from all the late nights, but it was completely worth it. I’m glad I challenged myself.


These works, along with the work Kate Edwards completed this month will be shown at Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY from April 12 thru June 8, 2014 with an opening reception on April 12, from 3 – 5 PM. If you are interested in any of these, please let me know. I have a few favorites. Which are yours?

Until next time…