Softly She Rises

5x7" oil
5×7 inches, oil on canvas © 2013 Takeyce Walter


Inspired by the full moon rising over the lake a few days ago. Pale as can be, she was barely there yet ever present.

I picked up my paintings from the gallery today. I’m happy to report that 17 works of art have found new homes. The show was an all around success, and I am grateful for the wonderful feedback, support and well wishes. Michelle LaLonde of Mimosa and her team did an excellent job of connecting my work with wonderful people. I am honored.

I spent the evening reading through some of the comments left in the guest book, and got a little teary eyed. These little notes are so special to me. As an artist, I really want others to see the world more beautifully, so I am pleased when that connection is made. Thank you all for for sharing your thoughts with me.

Until next time…

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