Creative February

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” – Albert Einstein

Creative February began in 2014 when Takeyce Walter made the decision to give herself the gift of time to create art; every day during her birthday month. Each day during the month of February, Takeyce produced one painting as an act to reinvigorate her love for art, and honor that creative urge. Her commitment and passion spurred subsequent annual Creative February months, the movement growing in popularity among artists and admirers across the country. Rising from organic roots, Takeyce’s Creative February has proliferated across social media platforms and earned successful annual gallery showings in New York’s Capital District, where many of the works created and exhibited are eagerly collected by inspired collectors and art lovers.  Moreover, Takeyce has inspired other artists across the country to participate in Creative February via social media channels.

Creative February 2019








Creative February 2018


Creative February 2014

Here are the pieces created for the first Creative February.
Please click on each image to view larger:





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