Pigment & Paint: Online Program

Pigment & Paint: Online Art Classes and Mentorship Program

Pigment & Paint is my new online art mentorship program. This exclusive offer is limited to a few students per month, and perfect for artists who are seeking private and small group art lessons from the comfort of your own home/studio.

As a creative, teaching brings me great joy; being a part of another artist’s journey is both energizing, and inspiring. I have been an art instructor for over six years, and have the privilege of connecting with many artists who share my passion of learning, and creating art.

I am a representational painter, working primarily in oil and pastel. However, artists working in a variety of mediums have taken my courses, finding the material to be useful. No matter your medium of choice, we will work together to create a personalized comprehensive plan based on your artistic goals and needs.

A Favorite Pastel

Program Summary

  • Pigment & Paint is a personalized online art mentoring program that includes monthly private individual, and group sessions
  • Access to Private Pigment & Paint Facebook group for additional support and inspiration
  • Access to my detailed topic-specific reference material and inspirational images
  • One-on-One individual support
  • Classes online, from the comfort of home
  • Connection to a group of like-minded artists
  • Grow your skills, and learn to create the art that inspires YOU in whatever medium you work with
  • Learn new techniques, theories, and practice

What’s included?

Monthly Individual (One-on-One) sessions (2 hours) via FaceTime or Zoom, based on your schedule. These sessions are individualized based on your goals as an artist. We have an initial meeting to review your goals, then develop a plan to help you meet those goals. These one-on-one sessions include demos, reference material, and assignments for you to practice techniques learned during our time together, all at your own pace. Students will also be invited to my Pigment & Paint private Facebook group for additional support, critiques, tips, and interaction with other member students.

Additional Individual Sessions are available upon request at an hourly rate.

Monthly Group sessions (2.5 hours) via Zoom or Google Hangouts scheduled at a given time each month – typically the last Thursday of the month. If you are not available at the scheduled time, the session will be recorded and available for you to view at your leisure.

These sessions will have a specific theme based on theory and practice such as; Color Theory, Values, Composition, or Inspirational themes such as Skies, Water, Impressionism, etc. You can expect demos, critiques and creative discussions during this time. Group sessions are also a great opportunity to connect with other passionate artists to share tips and ideas.

I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the workshop Takeyce gave on color theory last weekend. She is a very generous teacher, sharing skills and techniques so articulately. I love her. We had a good group of artists of different levels. I got a lot out of this class, but more importantly, I feel inspired to do more art myself. So glad I signed up!

— Susan W., Albany NY

What does it cost?

Oil Demo

Tuition is $250 a month (billed monthly by PayPal or Venmo)
This includes a total of 4+ hours of instruction
(One 2-hr individual session and one 2+hr group session).

Additional individual sessions are available at $65/hour.

*We can work out a schedule suitable to your budget. No extended commitments or contracts are required, but billing is monthly at the first of the month. I will check in with each artist at the end of the month to reassess continuation of the program.

Please Contact me anytime to discuss a plan suitable for you.

More Testimonials

I am always impressed with your outline, examples, resources, suggested reading and homework! Other workshop instructors also provide handouts, but none are as comprehensive or professionally compiled and printed. As a retired teacher, I spent many years writing lesson plans and designing curriculum. Students always appreciate knowing how the class will unfold and what they can expect. Visual examples of what is being taught are very beneficial because most of us are visual learners. For those who are motivated, having reading resources and homework suggestions and exercise. So I want to say kudos to you for the wonderful job you do with the handouts. I happen to like purple too! You know, it’s less important to keep to a strict timeline during a class/workshop. You do a good job of being flexible in that way without being nervous or anxious about it. You always keep a steady, calm demeanor.

Thanks for today!

– Kathleen N., Albany N

A Recent Oil Painting

I was fortunate enough to have attended Takeyce Walter’s workshop this past Saturday.  It was one of the best that I have attended!  She is an excellent instructor in that she takes the time to answer all questions at the level where we are in the painting process.  That is so important.  Many instructors are not able to get back to those elementary levels they passed several years ago!  Nor are they able to respond in such a way that no question was ever a foolish question!

Takeyce’s responses were always strong in content and she made sure that we understood before moving on.  We were able to interrupt her commentary so that questions could be answered immediately and the questioner could then continue to move on and truly listen to the discussion.  She spoke loud enough and went slow enough so that all of us, no matter at what level we each were, we were able to learn something new!

Takeyce would explain exactly what she was doing and why as she gave us painting demonstrations so that we were not just watching but listening and learning at the same time she was painting.

It’s always a little uncomfortable heading into a mixed level class as a novice, wondering if I will be completely lost and the time wasted to some degree.  But I think we all felt at day’s end that the time had been well spent.  I continued the learning process even at the end of the class as we all critiqued the good as well as the areas that could be improved in each of our painting projects.  She would always end each critique with praise and with thoughtful suggestions to improve the painting.

She is a keeper as an instructor!

– Andrea B.

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