Prospect View

“Prospect View” (Lake George) 12×6.5″ | Pastel on Uart 600

SOLD – Private collection in Concord, CA

This was my pastel demo for my “From Concept to Canvas” workshop at Saratoga Arts. It captures a large maple tree, and Lake George off in the distance on a warm Autumn day. For this piece, I used a new pastel surface for the first time and wanted to talk about that experience a bit.

I used Uart 600 grit pastel paper that comes pre-mounted to a rigid board. Right away, I loved the weight of the board, and the feel of the sanded surface.

After lightly establishing my major shapes with a pastel pencil, I chose to do an under-painting with NuPastel and water. I used the complementary colors for each area — orange for the sky, red for the trees, etc.

The paper took the wet pastel under-painting very well, and had some interesting drippy textures.
Once the under-painting was dry, I was ready to apply pigment. I typically start off with my hardest of the soft pastels, then work my way up to the softest for the final marks.

I found that I had to change the way I applied the pastel because the tooth of the paper was very textured and bumpy. It made for an effect that I was not too certain about in the beginning. Then I started to build the layers, and that’s when the magic happened! I absolutely loved the effect of blending colors on the paper.

Overall, I am extremely please with Uart and I’ve already ordered a couple more sheets. I really love the texture, and the fact that I can build lot and lots of layers, as well as use different wet mediums for an under painting.

Until next time…

From Concept to Canvas: Workshop Recap

“Last Light on the Preserve”
14″x7.5″ | Oil on paper


Above was my oil demo in my recent “From Concept to Canvas” Workshop at Saratoga Arts. I was joined by 5 talented and hard-working artists; Ellen, Donna, Jane, Patty D, and Pat F — Thank you, ladies for spending the day with me.

The goal of the workshop was to assist my students with creating a piece of art from initial concept, to the finished piece. It was a productive day, and the time flew by as it often does when you’re having fun.

Here’s where we started: I recommend all artists ask themselves these 3 questions before beginning a project:
1. What am I trying to communicate with this piece of art?
2. What medium/size would be best to express that idea?
3. What colors can help me achieve the mood of the piece?

Once we’ve got those ideas down, we are ready to choose an image to paint if one isn’t already in consideration. Next, we need to work out our design and composition. Thumbnails and notans can assist with this. A notan is small sketch in black and white. Its purpose is to show the foundation of the piece, and allows you to clearly see if the composition works, or needs work.

Here’s the source image I chose to work from:
I chose this image because it represented a feeling that I experienced while spending an evening watching my husband and son fish on the Round Lake Preserve. The sunset that evening wasn’t particularly spectacular, but rather soft and still. Obviously, the photo didn’t capture all the color and the mood I experienced, therefore I knew I had to rely on memory and emotion to recreate the mood I wanted to share.

Very often when artists work from a photo reference, they tend to be human photocopy machines. I encourage you to use the photo as a tool, a reminder for composition, and color – not something to replicate pixel for pixel. What’s the use of making a copy of a photo? I love to see your INTERPRETATION of the photo. As you can see also above, some photos do not do the original scene justice. I purposefully work from imperfect photos, and this allows me to be more confident in making my own choices rather than trying to copy a “perfect image”.

I created a couple thumbnails, and a notan to help me distill my design to an interesting composition.

I decided to go with the panoramic view, and cropped out parts I didn’t feel were essential, or add to the overall composition.
Next I made a decision on what color palette I wanted to use for this piece. I chose a limited palette of warm browns, gold, orange, red, and a touch of blue.

This study is definitely something I’d like to explore on a larger canvas.

My students took what they learned, and worked on some pretty fantastic pieces. Here are some photos of my busy students:



To see more images from the day, including the beautiful work created by my wonderful students, please visit my Facebook Page: Takeyce Walter Studio on Facebook.

Happy Painting!

Until next time…

Small Scale Painting Workshop Recap

“Juicy” approx. 4×5″ pastel

My Small Scale Painting workshop at Saratoga Arts yesterday was great! I was joined by 6 fun, and talented artists; Anne, Donna, Deane, Nancy, Lynn, and Maria. Thank you, ladies for spending the day with me. As usual, the time flew by and we were at the end of the workshop before we knew it. The pastel above was my morning demo.


Here are a few more pictures of the group busy with their timed studies:


Here they’re working on their final piece for the day:


Critique time… I am so proud of not only the quantity, but the quality of the work produced.



Lynn discusses her pieces.


Overall, the day was great fun! I met 5 new artists, and we spent the day creating, laughing, chatting, and getting messy. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

Until next time…

Marsh Light

9x9" Pastel
9×9″ Pastel

I hope all you Moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I sure did!
Here’s a little pastel I completed of the marsh near the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve.

Also – a reminder to my local friends – there’s still room in my Little Gems workshop this coming Sunday at The Shirt Factory. Please see below for more information:
Until next time…

Inspired by The Masters: Pastel Workshop Recap

“A Summer Day”
9×12″ Pastel

This was my landscape demo from the “Inspired by the Masters: Pastel” workshop I taught yesterday at Saratoga Arts. I was joined by 6 wonderful and talented artists; Dawn, Joyce, Sally, Ellen, Sandi and Mary Jo. We had a great time reviewing beautiful works by old Master painters like, Cassatt, Degas, Twachtman, Chase, and current masters like Wolf Kahn. We examined reproductions of their work to see how they were constructed, and what lessons we can learn from them in our own work. It was a great day, and like always the time just flew by.

Here are some shots from the day. Wish I had taken more, but I really get in the zone and forget to take pictures.

This is my still life demo, using Colourfix paper with a variety of pastels (Ludwigs, Unison, Mt. Vision, and Rembrandt).


Here’s a shot of my new Dakota Art Deluxe Traveler Pastel Box. I LOVE it! It keeps my pastels organized, and safe for travel.

And here is the all the great work created ready for Critique.

It was such a great experience, with lots of wonderful feedback.

Until next time…

Workshop Recap

Workshop Demo – Hudson River Drift | 9×9″ | Pastel
Contact me for purchasing details.

My Landscape Elements Workshop was this past Saturday at Saratoga Arts. I had the pleasure of spending the day painting, chatting and laughing with nine wonderful artists; Dawn, Patty, Edie, Elicia, Joyce, Richard, Cindy, Marilyn, and Gail. We worked on landscape paintings in oil and pastel.

Here’s my set-up for my pastel demo. I used this Hudson River scene to illustrate how to handle water reflections, aerial perspective, and value relationships.

Here are some of the group busy at work:

Here are the finished works ready for our critique:


It was a very productive day. Here’s what one student wrote about the class:

We had such a good time yesterday. I am still thinking and engaged with”pastels” this morning.  Just saying the workshop has wonderful “spillover” effects.  You’re a fine teacher, and I appreciate so much your preparations, demonstrations and instruction.  All are gentle and open.  You create an ideal environment for creative expression.

I’m looking forward to my next Workshop at Saratoga Arts in April. Here are the details:

Beginner’s Level Oil Painting
Saturday, April 19, 2014 – 10am – 4:00pm
$70 for members / $80 for non-members

Until next time…

Landscape Elements Workshop

This Saturday, I’ll be teaching a “Landscape Elements” Workshop at Saratoga Arts, in Saratoga Springs, NY. I believe there are still a few spots available, so if you are local and interested here are the details:

Landscape Elements 
in Oils and/or Pastels

with Takeyce Walter
In this unique workshop, students will tackle landscape elements, which can often be tricky even for veteran artists. Lessons will focus on being selective in compositions and on the fundamentals of designing and painting different types of landscapes and landscape elements, such as aerial perspective and its effects, trees, mountains, reflections on water, etc. Students can work in oils and/or pastels for this workshop. A complete supply list can be found at our website – This workshop is designed for students of all levels and no experience with pastels or oils is required!
Saturday, March 29, 2014: 10am – 4PM
$70 for members / $80 for non-members
To register for this class, please contact Tanya Tobias at 518-584-4132

In preparation, I’ve created some teaching tools in the form of “Do’s and Don’ts” sketches. Here are some examples:




With each of these examples, the sketches on the left I did intentionally what many artist do unintentionally when tackling a landscape. On the right, a few simple fixes make the scenes more convincing and interesting by using atmospheric perspective to add depth and a sense of space. Looking forward to reviewing and discussing these with the class.

Until next time…

Three Pears

Three Pears
12×9″ | Oil © 2013 Takeyce Walter

I’ve been enjoying doing some still life painting as of late. A wonderful practice in observing and recording what you actually see, rather than what you “know”.

This one was done as a demo for my Intermediate Oil Painting workshop on Saturday. The class was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day painting, teaching and learning with my wonderful students.

My next workshop in December is full, but there is a wait list. I’m looking forward to that one as well, Painting the Winter Landscape in Oil and/or Pastel. Should be fun.

Until next time…