Winter Morning

“Winter Morning”| 9×12” | pastel and oil paint

Sold – Private collection in Saratoga Springs, NY

At my “Understanding Tonal Values” workshop at Arlene’s, I realized that I forgot my large pastel box. Luckily, I had my handy Terry Ludwig Basic Landscapes set with me – so I was able to get this demo done. I needed the tree stand to be darker than the darkest dark I had, so I decided to do an oil wash there. I am pretty pleased with how it all came together.

Until next time…

Moody Marsh

“Moody Marsh” | 12×12″ – pastel
$500/600 unframed/framed

Here’s a recent piece I started as a demo for the Artists in Action program at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. The program is run through a partnership of Saratoga Arts and the library to make the Arts more accessible to the public.

I’d like to thank Chris Alexander for considering me for this program. I had great fun!

It captures a marsh near Lake George on a foggy, rainy November afternoon.

Until next time…

Fall Marsh: Day 24


I had a great time in my Color Harmonies workshop at Saratoga Arts yesterday. I woke up feeling a bit under the weather, but a little cold medicine took care of that, and I was off. I was looking forward to seeing my students, and actually painting during the day instead of just before midnight! Ha!

Many thanks to Donna, Jane, Lynn, Pam, Andrea, and Rita for joining me! They all produced great work, however I forgot to take pics.

This was my second demo that I finished up this morning. It’s an example of a orange/blue complementary color scheme.

Until next time…