Maari, North Uist
16×20 inches oil on canvas © 2013 Takeyce Walter
Commission – SOLD

This is technically the first completed oil painting of 2013, but I had to wait to post it until the intended recipient saw it. It was a commissioned milestone birthday present for our cousin Laurie. Yesterday was her party. I wasn’t able to attend, but I hope she was pleasantly surprised. The location is one of her (I’m sure many) inspiration spots in Scotland. It was a surprise gift, so we had to pick a photo from many from her trips to Scotland. This one was chosen because she noted that it was her “inspirational spot”. I can see why – It’s beautiful! Here’s the source photo:

I thought it would be interesting to share some process shots:

First, I toned my canvas with a mixture of Cadmium Orange, and a touch of Alizarin Crimson.

Next, I sketched in the general composition. I decided to crop it a bit to so that the rock structure was more prominent. The rock structure is a strong focal point, so I had to make sure it was drawn as accurately as possible.

Next, I blocked in the sky. Love those blues, and puffy clouds.

Then the landmasses, surrounding water, foreground grasses, and purple flowers (heather, I believe?).

Next, I tackled that rock structure. Capturing all the distinctive shapes was an excellent challenge.

Here’s a detailed close up of the rock structure. It had such interesting shapes and colors – very distinctive.

And here is the painting with the floater frame chosen. I think the rich brown wood suits the painting well.

What a beautiful place! I can see why it’s an source of inspiration for Laurie! I did hear that she was very surprised and moved by the gift. That makes me so thrilled!

Happy Birthday, Laurie!!

Until next time…
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4 thoughts on “Scotland

  1. Beautiful…nice rocks especially! What a great choice…how difficult editing someone’s photos must have been…to chose only one!
    You executed it very well.

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