6 thoughts on “Weathered Barn

  1. Absolutely gorgeous work Takeyce! What kind of paper or surface are you using? It looks highly textured. Or is it the pastel brand that gives it that effect?

  2. Hi Vanessa.
    This one was done on Art SPectrum Colorfix paper. I also used Sennelier Extra Soft pastels which are extremely soft. A little stroke leaves a ton of pigment on the surface. I had to get used to that, but I love them!

  3. Thanks, Vanessa. I’ve never tried the modelling paste, but I like the textured effect it has. I just visited your web site, and your work is beautiful.

  4. Hi Wendy.
    No, I am not familiar with that particular piece. I have seen his work, and it is beautiful. Would love to see a picture of his Weathered Barn if you have a link to it.

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