Morning Glow and Blog Anniversary Give-Away

4×6″ pastel – Framed Size 8×10″
SOLD to a collector in Saratoga Springs, NY

This is the view of the sunrise over the marsh during the warmer months. I absolutely love the brilliance of the sun warming the cool trees.

June 19, will mark the 7th anniversary of my first blog post. In previous years, I’ve done some sort of give-away to celebrate. This year is no different, however, I am including a couple giclee reproductions for my Facebook page fans as well.

I’ll also do a drawing for a small original painting of my choosing exclusively for email subscribers. Previous collectors have the opportunity to be entered multiple times.

If you are interested, you can enter the drawings several ways:

1. Go to my Facebook Page and hit “Like” (#300 and a friend wins a giclee)

2. Email subscribers are automatically entered for the original give-away.

3. Previous collectors have an extra opportunity to win – please leave a comment or send me a message letting me know which of my paintings you currently own. Your name is entered for each painting. Therefore, if you have 3 of my paintings – you are entered 4 times – 1 for just being a subscriber, and 3 for each painting in your collection!

Fun, huh?

I will do the drawing on 6/19 for the original.

Thank you, and good luck!

Until next time…
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